Q: Who are you?

A: We are the local music promotor Club UFO, Skurups Folkets Hus and musicians

Q: Im under 18, can i come?

A: Yes, if you are 15 and above you can attend the festival. If you are younger you need to be in the company of a legal guardian.

Q: Is the venue handicap accesible?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Will there be shuttle busses?

A: No, but there are excellent communications from Malmö and Copenhagen via train.

Q: Can i help as a volunteer?

A: Yes, you probably can. Send an email to volunteer@shadowplayfestival.se

Q: Is there a dresscode?

A: No, but this is a goth festival and most people will attend in their full regalia, which we appplaud. Just dont wear your weirdest fetish shit with tits and dicks out, we dont care but you know… normies… And no racist/bigot shit!

Q: What cant i bring to the festival?

A: You cant bring guns, drugs explosives and illegal stuff like that. You cant bring your own alcohol.

Q: Can i bring a bag?

A: Yes, you can carry a bag or a resonable backpack. Be prepared to have security search it on entry and to display its content at any time if security ask you.

Q: Can i take photos?

A: Yes, you can take video and photos with your phone cam. Any sort of pro cameras need to be acredited, contact us at press@shadowplayfestival.se. Dont take pictures of people who you in any way suspect dont like you to!

Q: Is there a camping space to pitch a tent?

A: We will not facilitate any sort camping space.

Q: Are there parkingspaces?

A: Yes, take a look at the VENUE tab on this page.

Q: Can i play?

A: Sorry, we have too many bands as it is. But really: sorry! We play ourselves and know what a fucking struggle it is, hang in there buddy.